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Bolwell Denied Green Car Funds For Electric Sports Car Project

WED, 14 OCT, 2009

THE BOLWELL CAR COMPANY, makers of the mid-engined Bolwell Nagari sports car, has criticised the Federal Government for denying its request for a ...

2009 Bolwell Nagari Pricing And Specifications Revealed

WED, 12 NOV, 2008

Many of you will have heard of the Bolwell Nagari whether it be the original model or the soon to be released modern interpretation.

Bolwell Nagari at the 2008 Melbourne Motor Show

FRI, 29 FEB, 2008

The Bolwell Nagari was one car that surprised us.

Bugatti Veyron at 2008 Melbourne Motor Show

FRI, 22 FEB, 2008

Not sure if you will have the time to visit the Melbourne Motor Show this year? Perhaps you are just waiting for a good excuse to head to Melbourn...

Bolwell Nagari facing off for the 2008 Melbourne Motor Show

MON, 18 FEB, 2008

The Bolwell Car Company has revealed the fully finished face of its new Nagari sports car and from the front at least it looks sensational. The si...

Bolwell Nagari uncovered

TUE, 18 DEC, 2007

As previously reported the Bolwell Car Company will be unveiling their new Nagari sports car at next years Melbourne Motor Show.

Bolwell Nagari to return at 2008 Melbourne Motor Show

THU, 6 DEC, 2007

This snippet of news has come right out of left field.