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Motor Racing Now A Waste Of Money: Bob Lutz

Bob Lutz is never short of an opinion, and when he expresses it, he usually isn’t short of an audience either.

Chevy Volt Should Have Been Pickup: Lutz

General Motors' outspoken former Vice Chairman Bob Lutz says the American automaker should have made its first volume electric vehicle a p...

Electric Vehicles Will Make Petrol Engines Obsolete: Bob Lutz

Former General Motors senior executive, Bob Lutz, has declared that improving electric vehicles (EVs) will soon make petrol-powered engines obso...

Holden’s G8 To Become Chevrolet Caprice For US Police: Reports Firm Up Speculation

ACCORDING TO respected US Automotive news site, Automotive News, Chevrolet is expected to today announce plans that it will offer a rear-drive pol...

Lutz Backtracks, Pontiac G8 Won't Become Chevrolet Caprice After All

BARELY A WEEK ago, GM's new product chief Bob Lutz was telling the world that the Pontiac G8 would be born again as a Chevrolet Caprice.

General Motors To Cut 10,000 Jobs

A severe drop in vehicle sales worldwide and the desperate need to restructure “for long-term viability" has forced General Motors to confirm th...

Bob Lutz Announces His Retirement From GM

Maximum Bob has today announced his retirement from GM.