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2017 BMW M140i Performance Edition Revealed - Limited To 60 Units For Australia

WED, 15 FEB, 2017

BMW has thrown some M Performance parts at its 1 Series baby performance hatch.

2017 BMW M140i and M240i Revealed, New 6cyl Takes Performance To New Heights

TUE, 17 MAY, 2016

BMW’s entry-level performance cars, the M135i and M235i, have received more power and more torque - and a new designation to go with it.

BMW M140i and M240i Models On The Way

FRI, 4 SEP, 2015

The compact rear-wheel-drive range from BMW is expected to see a small revision in 2017, with the M135i and M235i models replaced by more powerful ...


2017 BMW M140i Performance Edition Review | Limited Edition Sparkle For BMW’s Smallest Star

TUE, 22 AUG, 2017

There’s always something entertaining about squeezing the most powerful engine possible into the smallest car available, and right now German...


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