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Ford Says Tom-Auto, Partners With Heinz On Ketchup Plastics Project

WED, 11 JUN, 2014

Ford has partnered with condiment king Heinz to develop a new bio-plastic derived from the two million tons of tomatoes used each year to make its ...

Toyota Using Sugar Cane Bio-Plastics To Replace Oil-based Plastics

THU, 20 OCT, 2011

Toyota, who has long been experimenting with the use of bio-plastics in vehicle production, is now using a newly developed bio-plastic derived f...

Mazda begins research on bioplastic

SAT, 14 JUN, 2008

Those of you who never really paid attention in chemistry class might not know that cars consume oil in ways other than just burning it for fuel.

Mazda develops plant based plastic

WED, 30 MAY, 2007

In these times of global warming doom and gloom Green has certainly become the ‘it’ word in the auto industry.