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NRMA ‘Running On Empty’: Australia’s Worrying Dependence On Foreign Fuel

FRI, 28 FEB, 2014

A new report from the NRMA titled ‘Running On Empty’ has highlighted the vulnerability of Australia’s fuel supply.

NSW Unleaded Petrol Ban Could See Prices Rise: BP

TUE, 3 JAN, 2012

A ban on unleaded petrol in New South Wales could lead to increased fuel prices as a result of strained supply, BP has warned this week. The...

AAMI: Motorists Swayed By Green Ratings, Not So Much By Green Fuel

THU, 21 OCT, 2010

New research from national insurer AAMI has found that less than a third of Australian motorists (32 percent) have embraced ethanol fuel blends ...

Volvo Trucks To Field-Test Bio-DME Biofuel-Powered Trucks

FRI, 16 OCT, 2009

EARLIER THIS YEAR, the Swedish Government announced plans to have the country free of its oil dependency by 2030. It is an undertaking that affect...

Lamborghini To Experiment With Hybrid Technology, Biofuels, Start-Stop

MON, 8 JUN, 2009

LAMBORGHINI HAS ANNOUNCED that it intends to slash the CO2 output of its manufacturing operations by a huge 30 percent by 2010 and also aims to cu...

Scientists Build Chocolate Fuelled Race Car

THU, 7 MAY, 2009

With the rise of environmentalism and the doubts emerging over the long term viability of motor sport, race engineers have been forced to explore ...




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