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Queensland: State Government Announces Ethanol Expansion Plans

TUE, 28 APR, 2015

Queensland’s state government plans to expand the state’s renewable energy industry, focusing on biodiesel and ethanol.

Biodiesel Bike To Tackle 20,000km Trip Around Australia

MON, 7 SEP, 2009

FOLLOWING A 2007 TREK covering 3000 kilometres from Darwin to Adelaide, the University of Adelaide's BioBike is now set to depart on a 20,000 kilo...

Schoolkids turn algae into fuel

WED, 4 JUN, 2008

While automakers, oil companies and scientists squabble over what will become the fuel of the future, several alternatives have popped up as stopg...

Bio-ethanol powered Aston DBRS9 a winner

WED, 6 JUN, 2007

While we do not necessarily believe that Ethanol is the answer to the automotive world’s dependence on oil it is certainly nice to know that the...

F1 may go green with Biodiesel

THU, 24 MAY, 2007

Diesel powered F1 cars! According to F1 Racing magazine the President of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), Max Mosley has writ...

Bioethanol Saab, Volvo and Lotus

WED, 16 MAY, 2007

When you are at the car industry news coal-face it is difficult to keep up with who is doing what with which alternative fuel.