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Eat Your Greens: Lotus to Develop Biofuel-swilling OMNIVORE engine

WED, 13 AUG, 2008

  Lotus has announced that it will be developing a new biofuel-powered testbed engine for research into increasing the fuel eff...

New Saab 9-5 To Receive 1.6L Turbo

WED, 13 AUG, 2008

There were rumours a while back that Saab would be tackling increasing emissions restrictions by moving to smaller displacement engines.

Nature Invented the Clutch Long Before Us

SAT, 21 JUN, 2008

If this news item is at all compelling to more than three of you, I'll be bloody shocked.  I don't think it's a common combination of interes...

Saab 9-X BioHybrid concept at Geneva

TUE, 4 MAR, 2008

Saab have shown up at this years Geneva Motor Show with their 9-X BioHybrid concept, a car that they believe will appeal to the priorities of yout...

2008 Jaguar XF - 10,000 pre-orders suggest the cat is out of the bag

TUE, 19 FEB, 2008

We’ve said it before, the Jaguar XF is exactly the car that Jaguar need to revive their flagging sales.

2008 Rinspeed sQuba underwater car video

SAT, 16 FEB, 2008

A little weird and wacky and one wonders exactly what the point is but then Rinspeed are not known for their subtlety or for their creations havin...

R35 GT-R's in Australia

SAT, 26 JAN, 2008

It hasn’t taken long for the R35 GT-R to find its way to Oz, with a number being imported for motorsport purposes.

Ferrari F430 Spider Biofuel

FRI, 18 JAN, 2008

As part of its programme to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of its cars by 40 percent by 2012, Ferrari have engineered an F430 that runs...

World car fleet expected to reach 1.25 billion by 2015

FRI, 18 JAN, 2008

Environmental concerns spark all variety of debate and the hottest topic at the moment is Global Warming and CO2 emissions.

EU recommend a four-cylinder bio-fuel future for F1

THU, 17 JAN, 2008

In a commendable and sensible move, the European Union has published a report (CARS 21) calling for Formula One to switch to a four-cylinder, bio-...




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