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Obama Commits To A 'Retooled' American Auto Industry

THU, 26 FEB, 2009

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday (US time) addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time since taking office, and in it he lai...

Chrysler Not Selling Brands, Just Assets

THU, 15 JAN, 2009

The rumour-mill is working overtime in the automotive kingdom at the moment.

Ford Needs Cash, May Sell Off Controlling Stake In Mazda

MON, 13 OCT, 2008

While GM and Chrysler are reportedly on the verge of tying the knot, the other member of the Detroit 'Big Three' is apparently considering going i...

Chrysler And GM To Merge?

MON, 13 OCT, 2008

With the United States knee-deep in financial strife and its domestic auto industry still reeling from the impact of falling sales, a decreasing m...

US Automotive Giants Teeter at the Brink

TUE, 15 JUL, 2008

Which of the big three in the US – Ford, GM or Chrysler – will end up in bankruptcy? Will more than one, or all three, bite the dust? These ar...