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Lukey Performance Releases BA/BF XR8 Ute Exhaust System

THU, 30 OCT, 2008

Given that the FG ute has been about for a while, we were a bit surprised to find that Lukey has only just now released an exhaust ...

The Real McCoey - Power and Torque Talk

MON, 28 JUL, 2008

In order to properly ascertain what Power and Torque actually are, it is essential to have an understanding of what the two terms really mean as o...

2008 BF Falcon Wagon MkIII

MON, 14 APR, 2008

As roadtests of Ford’s new FG Falcon sedan start to filter through, it is becoming apparent that Ford Australia may just have a hit on their hands.

2008 FG Falcon revealed

SUN, 17 FEB, 2008

Official information on Ford’s new for 2008 Falcon is here.

2008 Falcon SR special edition

FRI, 1 FEB, 2008

In the lead-up to the launch of the new Falcon Orion, Ford Australia are switching into run-out mode and kicking it off with the launch of the 200...

2009 Hyundai Genesis promotional video

MON, 14 JAN, 2008

With the Hyundai Genesis sedan being officially unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, it seemed appropriate to post a rather creative promo video.

Audi prep V12 TDI diesel R8 for Detroit

SAT, 5 JAN, 2008

Word is that the world’s first green supercar will be showing its face at the Detroit Motor Show later this month.

Top Gear test the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster

WED, 14 NOV, 2007

Aston's V8 Vantage Roadster features the same 4.3-litre V8 that is found under the bonnet of the Coupe.

2008 Mustang Bullitt gallery and video

TUE, 13 NOV, 2007

Most car enthusiasts, regardless of their age will have seen or at least be aware of the famous car chase in the 1968 movie classic Bullitt.

2008 BMW M3 sedan unveiled

SUN, 7 OCT, 2007

What you see here is BMW’s sedan version of its new M3.



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