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Bentley Officially Announces Arnage Replacement, Teaser Campaign Begins

WED, 10 JUN, 2009

THE REPLACEMENT for Bentley's stately Arnage has been a long time coming, but the British luxury carmaker has today announced that its replacement...

Next Bentley Arnage To Get Audi Turbo-Diesel Power?

FRI, 13 MAR, 2009

While Bentley is looking to BioFuel to power its stonkingly fast Continental Supersports, the Bentley-Audi relationship may see the next Arnage po...

Bentley Arnage Marks Its End With Exclusive Run Of 150 'Final Series'

FRI, 26 SEP, 2008

Hand crafted at Bentley’s UK facility in Crewe since 1998, the Bentley Arnage Final Series is an exclusive final run of 150 cars - created to bi...

Bentley may introduce hybrid Arnage

FRI, 19 OCT, 2007

Bentley are swinging between extremes this week.