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Elon Musk’s Promise - South Australia To Get The World’s Biggest Lithium-Ion Battery

FRI, 7 JUL, 2017

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has maintained his “100 days or it’s free” promise to assist South Australia with its energy problems.

Mercedes-Benz Energy - New Energy Storage Arm To Tackle Tesla Powerwall

WED, 26 APR, 2017

Mercedes-Benz has entered the emerging energy storage space with a new arm of the company simply called Mercedes-Benz Energy.

Chevrolet Bolt Betters Tesla Model 3 Estimates With 383Km Range

THU, 15 SEP, 2016

General Motors has revealed that its all-new Chevrolet Bolt EV hatch can travel up to 383km on a full charge, bettering the best estimate for Tesla...

2018 Nissan Leaf To Match It With Model S - Up To 540Km Of Range

TUE, 28 JUN, 2016

Nissan is going all-out with its next-generation Leaf to ensure the all-electric vehicle can match it with the industry’s best for maximum ra...

BMW i3 To Get New Longer-Range Battery Pack - Report

TUE, 24 NOV, 2015

BMW is set to increase the appeal of its i3 twins with a new long-range battery pack, according to reports out of Europe.

Chevrolet Bolt - GM And LG In Partnership Over Development

THU, 22 OCT, 2015

General Motors and electronics giant LG have entered into a partnership to work together to drive down development costs of fut...

Volvo To Electrify Its Entire Range – Tesla Rival Coming In 2019?

FRI, 16 OCT, 2015

Volvo has announced plans to add electric technology to every model in its range, along with a new all-electric model to arrive by 2019.

Volvo Reveals Weight and Space-Saving Body Panel Batteries

MON, 21 OCT, 2013

One of the biggest problems with hybrid and electric cars is the need to have bulky, heavy batteries.  Not only does their weight soak up p...

Toyota Develops More Efficient Battery, Tenfold Improvement In Capacity May Be Possible

WED, 19 AUG, 2009

TOYOTA HAS ANNOUNCED the development of revolutionary new lithium-ion battery technology, which enables enormous gains in power storage and, ultim...



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