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Tesla Battery Swap Pilot Program To Begin Soon

WED, 24 DEC, 2014

Tesla will soon come good on its promise to offer customers ‘fast or free’ charging for their electric vehicles, with a pilot program s...

Tesla 90-Second Battery Swap System Launching This Year: Video

MON, 24 JUN, 2013

Tesla Motors has demonstrated to a gathering of Tesla owners just how quick one of its battery-powered cars can get back on the road once the ba...

2011 Renault Fluence ZEC Electric Vehicle Gets Dedicated Website

THU, 15 OCT, 2009

OUTLINING ITS PLAN to make electric vehicles appealing and affordable (both something of a problem for today’s EVs), Renault has launched a new ...

Renault-Nissan Confirms Recharge System For EV Range

TUE, 9 JUN, 2009

THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE REVOLUTION is well under way. To bolster its position as one of the leaders of the emerging propulsion technology, Renault-Ni...

Better Place To Set-Up Electric Car Battery Exchanges in Australia

FRI, 15 MAY, 2009

With the car-buying market becoming increasingly conscious of environmental issues, there is a growing impetus among manufacturers to meet consume...




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