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California To Halve Petrol Dependency By 2030, Obama Urges Green Buying

FRI, 9 JAN, 2015

California will aim to cut its use of petroleum by 50 percent over the next 15 years, if re-elected Governor Jerry Brown has his way.

Holden Calls Media Conference For 9:00am As GM Heads For Bankruptcy Court

MON, 1 JUN, 2009

IN A MOVE that will have surprised no-one: General Motors US will file for bankruptcy early tomorrow morning, Australian time. As outlined in an a...

Obama Cancels US$1.2 Billion Hydrogen Car Fund

MON, 11 MAY, 2009

A planned US$1.2 billion development fund for hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars set up by the former Bush administration has been dumped by US Presi...

US Auto Industry Woes Hit Wall Street

TUE, 31 MAR, 2009

While GM and Chrysler are no doubt pleased at the US Government’s approval of further short-term financial aid (think of it more as a stay-of-ex...

Obama Commits To A 'Retooled' American Auto Industry

THU, 26 FEB, 2009

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday (US time) addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time since taking office, and in it he lai...

Barack Obama's Plan For Oil Independence

TUE, 27 JAN, 2009

US president, Barack Obama, has announced the first steps of a plan to make the USA energy independent.