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0 Comments Jun, 01 2009 (8 years ago)
Holden Calls Media Conference For 9:00am As GM Heads For Bankruptcy Court
IN A MOVE that will have surprised no-one: General Motors US will file for bankruptcy early tomorrow morning, Australia...
0 Comments May, 11 2009 (8 years ago)
Obama Cancels US$1.2 Billion Hydrogen Car Fund
A planned US$1.2 billion development fund for hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars set up by the former Bush administration ...
0 Comments Mar, 31 2009 (9 years ago)
US Auto Industry Woes Hit Wall Street
While GM and Chrysler are no doubt pleased at the US Government?s approval of further short-term financial aid (think o...
0 Comments Feb, 25 2009 (9 years ago)
Obama Commits To A 'Retooled' American Auto Industry
US President Barack Obama on Tuesday (US time) addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time since taki...
3 Comments Jan, 27 2009 (9 years ago)
Barack Obama's Plan For Oil Independence
US president, Barack Obama, has announced the first steps of a plan to make the USA energy independent. The plan includ...

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