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Bertone Bankrupt: Search For Saviour Ends, But Name To Live On In Milan

MON, 14 JUL, 2014

Italian Design house Stile Bertone has officially been declared bankrupt, with its hunt for a buyer ending in failure.

Saab's History Heading To Auction

THU, 19 JAN, 2012

Every carmaker has a museum of past models lovingly maintained over the decades, or carefully restored cars tracked down and secured from enthus...

Vectrix Files For Bankruptcy, Plans To Restructure And Continue Business

WED, 30 SEP, 2009

ELECTRIC VEHICLE Manufacturer Vectrix - the outfit behind the Vectrix electric scooter that TMR tested late last year - has officially filed for C...

Carver Declares Bankruptcy, Tilting Three-Wheeler Orphaned

WED, 1 JUL, 2009

CARVER EUROPE, the Dutch company responsible for the extraordinarily dramatic Carver One three-wheeler, has declared bankruptcy and closed up shop...

Post-Bankruptcy GM To Be Billions Better Off

TUE, 30 JUN, 2009

GENERAL MOTORS is looking to divest itself of around AU$15 billion in costs during its Chapter 11 reorganization, leading to a GM that could actua...

GM Bankruptcy Imminent: UAW Negotiates Agreement But Bondholders Hold Out

THU, 28 MAY, 2009

GM US HAS OVERNIGHT moved one step closer to bankruptcy following the rejection of a debt for equity offer by GM to its bondholders (the banks and...

Chrysler LLC Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy - Signs Deal With Fiat SpA

FRI, 1 MAY, 2009

Chrysler LLC has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy overnight and at the same time announced what is being referred to as an ‘industry-changing’ ...

US Treasury Preparing Bankruptcy Filing For Chrysler

FRI, 24 APR, 2009

While Chrysler and Fiat nut out an alliance deal that will meet the needs of both manufacturers, the US Treasury is, according to The New York Tim...

General Motors Preparing For Bankruptcy, Company Split

WED, 8 APR, 2009

Reports worldwide indicate that General Motors has commenced preparations to file for bankruptcy. Bloomberg News says that company directors have ...

Obama Preparing To Set Deadline For GM, Chrysler?

MON, 30 MAR, 2009

During an interview with US television show Political Capital With Al Hunt, US Treasury auto adviser Steve Rattner suggested that the talks betwee...