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Wooden Car Spotted In The US, And It's Not A Morgan

WED, 8 AUG, 2012

Cannon Falls, Minnesota, US of A is home to one of the oddest cars we've ever seen.

Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand Announces Triton And Free Goat Deal

THU, 28 MAY, 2009

IF YOU WERE running a list of news headlines you were expecting to see today – that probably wasn’t one of them. It’s true: according to Mit...

Safety Car-nage: When Pace Cars Act Out Their Jealousy

TUE, 19 MAY, 2009

Motor racing: for the drivers who line up on the grid it’s all about the potential glory.

Man Creates World's Smallest Car From Postman Pat Ride

SUN, 17 MAY, 2009

We've all seen them lurking outside supermarkets and inside shopping centres, and odds are most of us have ridden one at some stage in our lives.

Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline GT-R Replica Stolen

THU, 14 MAY, 2009

Certain thieves in the US city of Los Angeles might think they've won big, but they couldn't be further from the truth. One of the Nissan R34 Skyl...

The New Bling: KITT-Style Flashing LED Strip

THU, 14 MAY, 2009

So, you've got the spinning rims, the exhaust whistle, the under-body neons, the chrome (on everything) and the non-functional bonnet scoop, and y...

Turning A Car Into A Golf Ball For Improved Fuel Economy… Say What?

TUE, 12 MAY, 2009

According to aftermarket company Fastskinz, a vehicle’s fuel economy can be improved by transforming it into a big, oddly-shaped golf ball. Oper...

Ford Engineer Builds 2.7 l/100km ‘HyperRocket’

MON, 11 MAY, 2009

Being a fuel economy technical expert for Ford North America has given this engineer the chops needed to develop his own ultra-economical vehicle,...

Art Student Invents Cloaking Device For Skoda

MON, 4 MAY, 2009

Sara Watson, an art student at the University of Lancashire in the UK, has doomed us all.



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