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What's Moving and What's Losing in US Showrooms
Sales in North America - Whats selling and what isnt

How is the Pontiac G8 faring in the stagnating US market, you ask? At this point, sitting on portfolio of salivating re...

Jul 16, 2008 (9 years ago)


Ford Verve Sedan makes Detroit Auto Show appearance

SUN, 13 JAN, 2008

The third of Ford’s Verve Concepts has appeared at the Detroit Auto Show.

Mazda Furai at the track video

SUN, 13 JAN, 2008

Due for its official unveiling in Detroit this week, the Mazda Furai Concept (Furai means "Sound of the Wind") is based on an American Le Mans Ser...

Tata Nano: The People's (Cheap) Car

THU, 10 JAN, 2008

Update - March 24, 2009: This is proving to be a popular article for TMR, but did you know we have brand new articles on the Tata Nano?  Clic...

Ford confirms new RWD platform

THU, 10 JAN, 2008

It’s been rumoured for a while now and according to Automotive News, Ford have finally confirmed that they are planning a new RWD platform for t...

Hummer HX concept preview

THU, 10 JAN, 2008

Okay, some of you may think that the average SUV is a little obnoxious, a tad unnecessary and we all agree that they are hard to see around in tra...

2009 Cadillac CTS-V official preview

WED, 9 JAN, 2008

Okay, lets be honest.

Mercedes-Benz achieves best sales year in the history of the marque

WED, 9 JAN, 2008

We all knew 2007 was a good year for the car industry.

Cadillac Provoq hydrogen fuel cell concept debuts in Vegas

WED, 9 JAN, 2008

During 2007, GM introduced the Chevrolet Volt and Opel Flextreme, both based on their E-Flex architecture and this time around its Cadillac’s tu...

2009 Hyundai Genesis sedan officially unveiled

TUE, 8 JAN, 2008

We’ve spent months looking a spy photos and taking in any available detail, real or imagined that hit the internet and now its finally official.

First production GT-R to be crashed

TUE, 8 JAN, 2008

Well, it was inevitable and just goes to show as with any car, the weakest link in the chain is usually the driver.



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