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Hummer Expects Alternative-Fuel Model To Surface Within 5 Years

FRI, 5 JUN, 2009

CRISIS, AS THEY SAY, is the perfect catalyst for change.

BMW Takes Hydrogen 7 on Cross-America Road Trip

FRI, 15 AUG, 2008

  One of BMW's hydrogen-fuelled 7-series luxury sedans has hit the road and will travel across America as part of the 2008 Hydrogen Road Tour ...

Water-powered cars about to become a reality?

WED, 25 JUN, 2008

As far as alternative fuels go, none are more radical than the idea of fueling your car with ordinary water.

Lotus & UK Govt to delve into hybrids, electric cars

TUE, 17 JUN, 2008

British sports car maker has announced that they will be developing a new range of low-emissions vehicles in conjunction with the British Government.

Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle completes 560km journey on less than a tank

TUE, 2 OCT, 2007

Toyota Motor Corporation have announced the successful completion of a 560 kilometre journey by an improved version of their FCHV Fuel Cell Hybrid ...