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Better Place To Establish Australian Electric Car Network

FRI, 24 OCT, 2008

In a plan announced yesterday, Australia looks set to be the third country in the world to establish an electric car network.

Nissan launches Teana in Japan

FRI, 6 JUN, 2008

Nissan revealed the newest version of the Teana luxury sedan in Japan this week, giving Australian motorists a preview to what will most likely be...

Ferrari to embark on Magic India Discovery Tour

FRI, 22 FEB, 2008

Following Ferrari’s successful expeditions through China and the Americas, proving that the legendary super car makers products can go just abou...

2008 FG Falcon revealed

SUN, 17 FEB, 2008

Official information on Ford’s new for 2008 Falcon is here.

Australia's first road registered R35 GT-R?

THU, 14 FEB, 2008

R35 GT-R enthusiasts take note! The car you see here could shortly be the very first road registered R35 GT-R on Australian roads.

Mazda's Hakaze concept coming to the 2008 Melbourne Motor Show

TUE, 12 FEB, 2008

Mazda have confirmed that they are bringing their futuristic Hakaze Concept car to the 2008 Melbourne Motor Show, where it will make its Australia...

Lotus Australia celebrate record sales in 2007

FRI, 11 JAN, 2008

In Australia, 2007 was the year when total vehicle sales exceeded one million units for the first time ever.

Lotus Design Hotwheels Concept

THU, 22 NOV, 2007

Lotus have just released details of their latest concept car, the Hotwheels inspired Lotus which was a feature at the recent SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Ferrari at the Sydney International Motor Show

FRI, 12 OCT, 2007

Where Lamborghini had the hard edges, Ferrari kept it smooth and sensual with the 612 Scaglietti, F430 Roadster and Coupe and my personal favourit...

You say Camaro we say Monaro

MON, 6 AUG, 2007

GM Holden’s departing General Manager Denny Mooney recently made it known that Holden engineers are involved with the testing of the new 2008 Che...