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Audi US Representative Charged Over Emissions Scandal

MON, 10 JUL, 2017

Authorities in the US have charged a senior Audi manager over the Volkswagen Group ‘dieselgate’ emissions scandal.

Peugeot And Citroen To Move To ‘Real World’ Fuel Figures

TUE, 27 OCT, 2015

In a pre-emptive move to distance itself from the Volkswagen Diselgate saga, PSA Peugeot Citroen has announced that it will make the move to &...

2009 Audi Sportback Concept Unveiled In Detroit

MON, 12 JAN, 2009

Not to be outdone by its parent company's debut of the gorgeous Volkswagen Concept Bluesport, Audi has whipped the sheets off its latest Sportback...