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Banning Mobile Phone Use While Driving No Great Benefit: US Study

MON, 8 FEB, 2010

BANNING THE USE of mobile phones while driving may not result in a significant decrease in traffic accidents, according to a new study by the High...

National Road Fatalities On The Rise In 2009

TUE, 15 SEP, 2009

ROAD CRASH STATISTICS released by the Australian Government show the national road toll is on the rise, with 57 more people dying on our roads so ...

UK Testing Intelligent Speed Adaptation Technology, Big Brother Future Near?

TUE, 19 MAY, 2009

British public transport office Transport For London will soon kick off a six-month trial of a new system, called Intelligent Speed Adaptation (IS...

World’s Weirdest Accidents, Worst Modifications, And All The Rest

SUN, 1 FEB, 2009

Dark Roasted Blend – an online repository of, in their words “weird & wonderful things” – have put together a monstrous series of imag...