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Nose-To-Tail Collisions The Most Common In Australia: AAMI

FRI, 24 APR, 2015

Australian motorists may have a problem with tailgating, if the latest AAMI Crash Index is anything to go by.

Nose-To-Tail And Parked Car Collisions Most Common In Australia: AAMI

FRI, 7 FEB, 2014

Nose-to-tail incidents and dings with parked cars top the list of common collision types on Australian roads, according to AAMI.&nbs...

2009 AAMI Crash Index Finds Road Rage And Traffic Congestion Worsening

WED, 12 AUG, 2009

THE 2009 AAMI CRASH INDEX shows that 91 percent of motorists agree that drivers are becoming more aggressive, and 83 percent believe that yelling,...