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The Colour of a Two Cent Piece

THU, 17 JUL, 2008

"Coppa, Coppa, Coppaaaa" goes the favourite Aussie chant heard on late-night trains as boisterous footy fan are dragged from the station by the bo...

Edo Competition Ferrari 630 Scuderia

FRI, 25 APR, 2008

Those Edo Competition guys are at it again, having another crack at one of the World’s most beautiful supercars.

Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG and SL 65 AMG

WED, 13 FEB, 2008

Following on from Mercedes-Benz’s recent reveal of their updated SL-Class comes the AMG versions.

2008 Mercedes CLS update

SAT, 19 JAN, 2008

Its been four years since the Mercedes CLS first came to market.

Mercedes Benz release SL facelift teaser

SUN, 30 DEC, 2007

Mercedes Benz have provided us with the first official picture of their facelifted SL roadster, in the form of a rear three quarter shot of the ra...

Edo Competition work their magic on the Ferrari 599 GTB

TUE, 13 NOV, 2007

Exotic machinery often ends up butchered at the hands of the worlds various tuner firms.

Mercedes Benz Introduces Diesel Passenger Cars To Japan

THU, 25 OCT, 2007

WE LOVE a good diesel and we have even more fun blowing a bit of smoke up a petrol-electric hybrid's exhaust pipe. Mercedes-Benz knows the diesel ...

Nissan Dualis pricing and specifications

WED, 10 OCT, 2007

In the lead-up to the Sydney International Motor Show (which kicks off tomorrow), Nissan have released pricing and specification information for t...

2007 all new Nissan X-Trail

WED, 23 MAY, 2007

The more things change…the more they stay the same.

2008 AMG C63

TUE, 24 APR, 2007

Overwhelming Force With a 309kW E92 BMW M3 on the horizon and the 309kW Audi RS4 already with us it only seems fitting that AMG should warm over th...