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New Citroen 2CV Coming In 2014: Report

FRI, 4 JAN, 2013

A successor to Citroen’s iconic 2CV will reach production by the end of 2013, a new report out of Germany suggests.

Stranded Frenchman Converts Broken 2CV To Motorbike? Come On...

THU, 24 MAY, 2012

We don't know if there's a French version of Macgyver, but if he ever became stranded in the desert with his trusty Jeep, he'd proba...

Citroen DS Revolte Concept Headed For Frankfurt, 2CV Hopes Appear Dashed

THU, 10 SEP, 2009

DESPITE THE RECENT unveiling of the Citroen DS3 Inside concept and the 2010 Citroen DS3 production model that followed, the French carmaker has no...

Citroen 2CV revived

THU, 3 MAY, 2007

Rising from the dead Retro-themed reproductions of classics are it appears still all the rage amongst manufacturers.



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