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2010 Toyota Prius Launches In Australia

TUE, 7 JUL, 2009

TOYOTA HAS UNLEASHED its most eco-friendly model yet, launching the third-gen 2010 Prius into the Australian market. The Prius ties with the MINI ...

Toyota To Ramp Up Prius Production To Cover High Demand

TUE, 2 JUN, 2009

THANKS TO HUGE demand and a surge of interest in the car ahead of its US launch, Toyota will be increasing production of the 2010 Prius at the two...

2010 Toyota Prius: US Pricing And Specifications Announced

WED, 22 APR, 2009

If you’re looking to replace your second-gen Prius but aren’t quite sure which way to go, Toyota would like to help.

2010 Toyota Prius Set To Be Greenest Car In Australia

TUE, 10 MAR, 2009

Just when you thought the Toyota Prius was the greenest five-seater petrol-engined car available in Australia, along comes the new generation Priu...

2010 Toyota Prius Confirmed To Achieve 5.65 L/100km

TUE, 3 MAR, 2009

Despite the 4.35 l/100km (65mpg) fuel economy reportedly achieved during testing, the 2010 Toyota Prius is expected to return 5.7 l/100km/h (49mph...

2009 Melbourne Motor Show: 2010 Toyota Prius

FRI, 27 FEB, 2009

Toyota's Prius has had the hybrid game wrapped up for many a year.

2010 Toyota Prius Coming To The Melbourne Motor Show

TUE, 3 FEB, 2009

If green is your thing, then today’s news from Toyota could be enough to see you loosen your embrace on that poor tree and head along to the 200...

Plug-In Prius Set To Drink Even Less

TUE, 3 FEB, 2009

It may not be too long before you can purchase a car which really does run on the smell of an oily rag.

2010 Toyota Prius Unveiled In Detroit

TUE, 13 JAN, 2009

Following a lengthy teaser campaign Toyota has announced the final details of its new Prius.

Toyota To Unveil FT-EV Concept At NAIAS

TUE, 23 DEC, 2008

A press release from Toyota has revealed the Japanese marque plans to reveal a new battery-powered concept car at next year's Detroit Motor Show.



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