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2010 Toyota Prius Goes On Sale In Japan

FRI, 22 MAY, 2009

THIS WEEK MARKS the launch of Toyota’s third generation Prius in Japan.

Honda Insight Tops Toyota Prius In UK Sales

THU, 30 APR, 2009

The battle between Honda’s new hybrid warrior, the Insight and Toyota’s established player, the Prius, is finally underway.  Of course, t...

2010 Toyota Prius: US Pricing And Specifications Announced

WED, 22 APR, 2009

If you’re looking to replace your second-gen Prius but aren’t quite sure which way to go, Toyota would like to help.

Toyota To Produce Cheaper Hybrid To Target The Honda Insight

MON, 16 MAR, 2009

Way back in October last year we touched on the rumour that the world's number one manufacturer was looking at selling the first-gen Prius alongsi...



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