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Audi Launches New Engines For Q5 And A4 Allroad

MON, 13 JUL, 2009

AUDI HAS CONFIRMED that two new engines have been added to the European Q5 range, both detuned variants of the existing 2.0 TFSI and 2.0 TDI units...

2009 Audi Q5 Range Gets Two New Engines

THU, 28 MAY, 2009

AUDI AUSTRALIA HAS announced the addition of two new motors to the 2009 Q5 range, bringing the tally to two diesel and two petrol engines. A 3.2 l...

2009 Audi Q5 Custom Concept: The 300kW SUV

WED, 20 MAY, 2009

This year’s GTI meet in Wörthersee – an annual event for European Audi and Volkswagen performance enthusiasts that also saw the unveilling of...



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