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2000GT SEV Hints At Future Toyota Electric Sports Car: Report

MON, 16 JUL, 2012

The electric drivetrain used by Toyota’s seemingly bizarre 2000GT SEV ‘Crazy Car Project’ at January’s Tokyo Auto Salon,...

Toyota TRD 86, 2000GT EV Debut At Tokyo Auto Salon

MON, 16 JAN, 2012

It didn't take long, and nobody's surprised: Toyota's new 86 coupe has been given a makeover by the company's TRD racing and tun...

Toyota 2000GT Replica With The Heart Of Godzilla: TAS09

TUE, 20 JAN, 2009

The Tokyo Auto Salon really is the Mecca of all things weird, wonderful and four-wheeled.

Metalwork 101: How To Hand-Craft A Toyota 2000GT From Scratch

THU, 25 DEC, 2008

No matter how carefully I spell my letters to Santa (I even used a ball-point pen this year!), the fat jolly bastard never ever gets me the one th...



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