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Spotting Road Ragers: Look for Rice

If you've ever wondered how to spot a road rager, and their aggressive tailgating and sudden swerving of lanes while ge...

Jun 24, 2008 (9 years ago)
What is all This Then?!

Welcome, folks, to the new TMR. There are no prizes, no giveaways, no holidays to the south of France where a charming ...

Jun 24, 2008 (9 years ago)
Nature Invented the Clutch Long Before Us

If this news item is at all compelling to more than three of you, I'll be bloody shocked.  I don't think it's a co...

Jun 21, 2008 (9 years ago)
Nissan to offer Race Academy for UK GT-R buyers

If you live in the United Kingdom and need another reason to go ahead and drop a deposit on a brand-new R35 GT-R (as if...

Jun 20, 2008 (9 years ago)
2009 Audi R8 V10 Spotted Rocketing 'Round the 'Ring

Here it is folks. Audi's very own supercar has finally been spotted hurtling around the Nurburgring Nordschliefe in its...

Jun 19, 2008 (9 years ago)
Subaru Exiga's Super Debut

For some reason, much of the Western media has been feverishly following the Subaru Exiga as if it were the second comi...

Jun 18, 2008 (9 years ago)

Rolls-Royce's imminent expansion of their lineup is expected to at least double overall vehicle sales for the British a...

Jun 15, 2008 (9 years ago)
Japanese Manufacturers Gone to the Dogs

There's a saying that goes, "It's better to be a rich man's dog than poor." In Japan, this is doubly true as dogs live ...

Jun 12, 2008 (9 years ago)
The Airbags Do NOT Come With The Cars

Model cars on ebay

So you've got a bunch of toy cars lying around—boxes and shelves just chockers with the things—and the missus has c...

Jun 7, 2008 (9 years ago)
Nissan launches Teana in Japan

Nissan Teana launched in Japan

Nissan revealed the newest version of the Teana luxury sedan in Japan this week, giving Australian motorists a preview ...

Jun 6, 2008 (9 years ago)
Domo Arigato, Teddy Roboto

Domo Arigato, Teddy Roboto

Oh, those crazy Japanese. What won't they think of next? A Nihon robotics company called iXs Research has just given bi...

Jun 5, 2008 (9 years ago)
MX-5 redesign on its way,

Mazda MX-5 redesign first whisperings

Mazda's ever-popular MX-5 is due for a facelift next year, and designers and dealers alike are at odds over what it wil...

Jun 5, 2008 (9 years ago)
Nissan to build new car in UK, possibly FR coupe?

Nissan FR Coupe may be built in the UK

Nissan have just made a rather cryptic announcement concerning the creation of a new vehicle that will be built at the ...

Jun 5, 2008 (9 years ago)
Night Vision and the Return of the Digital Dash

Digital dashes that feature night vision technology

Digital dashes hold a special place in the collective memory of all those who lived through the 80s and early 90s, with...

May 31, 2008 (9 years ago)
The JCB GT: Worlds Fastest Backhoe

The JCB GT could be the World's fastest backhoe

Suffering from the midweek blues? Here's something to cheer you up. The JCB GT is a 1300hp wheel-standin' front-loadin'...

May 28, 2008 (9 years ago)
FJ Cruiser, The Best Toyota You Can't Buy

FJ Cruiser possibly the The Best Toyota You Can't Buy

Don't get me started on Toyota. The manufacturer that once churned out exciting cars like the budget mid-engined exotic...

May 28, 2008 (9 years ago)
New Nissan Cube Not So Cubic

New Nissan Cube get curvy

What is this travesty? There is no mention on TMR of one of the greatest automotive designs of all time. I'm not talkin...

May 21, 2008 (9 years ago)
Jensen Inteceptor gets modernised with LS2 Power

Jenson Interceptor powered by Chevrolet LS2

Classic cars have always been popular with those wanting a classy, eye-catching car for the weekend, however one of the...

May 17, 2008 (9 years ago)
370Z Revealed, Vampire Look Is Officially

New Nissan 370Z first image

Oh dear. After speculative renderings of a facelifted 350Z surfaced in a Japanese car magazine earlier this year (below...

May 15, 2008 (9 years ago)
Jaguar F-Type to be based on XF platform, launch in 2012?

Jaguar F-Type to be based on XF platform, launch in 2012?

The last time we reported on the Jaguar F-Type, not much was known other than Tata's willingness to eventually build it...

May 14, 2008 (9 years ago)
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