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Recalls: Takata Airbag Program Rolls On, Also Colorado, Jimny And More

Recalls: Takata Airbag Program Rolls On, Also Colorado, Jimny And More

The Takata airbag recall in Australia is in full swing, with Honda, Nissan, Lexus and Toyota all announcing further...

Jul 25, 2015 (7 months ago)
Honda Spirior And Concept B Unveiled At Beijing Auto Show

Auto China: Honda Spirior And Concept B May Preview Accord Euro And Insight

Honda has unveiled two concepts at the Beijing Auto Show, possibly previewing new Accord Euro and Insight replacement&nb...

Apr 21, 2014 (2 years ago)
Honda Ends Insight Production

Production of Honda’s Insight hybrid hatch has come to an end, with the final units rolling out of the company&rsq...

Feb 28, 2014 (2 years ago)
Honda May Drop CR-Z And Insight Hybrid Models In Europe: Report

Honda May Drop CR-Z And Insight Hybrid Models In Europe, Australian Future Unclear, Jazz And Civic Unaffected: Report

Honda is reportedly considering dropping its hybrid-powered CR-Z and Insight models from the European market, off the ba...

Oct 23, 2013 (2 years ago)
The Week That Was: Opel Pulls The Pin, Fiat Punto Review, Vale Tony Gaze

The Week That Was: Opel Pulls The Pin, Fiat Punto Review, Vale Tony Gaze

Opel ended the week by announcing that it will leave the Australian market immediately. Some called it...

Aug 4, 2013 (3 years ago)
Honda Updates Civic Hybrid And Insight For Australian Market

2013 Honda Civic Hybrid And Insight Updates On Sale In Australia

Honda Australia has sharpened the pricing of its Insight and Civic Hybrid models this week, the latter also picking up a...

Jul 31, 2013 (3 years ago)
VFACTS: Huge Private Buyer Shift To Hybrids; It’s On... Finally

2012 VFACTS Huge Growth In Hybrid Sales In Australia

Private sales of hybrids were up 600 percent in December, and up 160 percent for the 2012 calendar year. And, for...

Jan 9, 2013 (3 years ago)
Honda Sport Hybrid i-DCD Set To Replace IMA System

Honda Sport Hybrid i-DCD Detailed, Will Succeed Integrated Motor Assist

Honda is developing a new hybrid system that will replace the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) setup currently featured ...

Nov 13, 2012 (3 years ago)
2012 Honda Insight Update On Sale In Australia

2012 Honda Insight Update Launched In Australia

Honda Australia has introduced the updated Insight hybrid this week, bringing updated styling and improved fuel consu...

Jun 8, 2012 (4 years ago)
2012 Honda Insight Update Confirmed For Australia

Honda Insight Updated For 2012, Confirmed For Australia

Honda has wheeled out an update to its Prius-fighting Insight hybrid, bringing a number of subtle cosmetic tweaks and...

Nov 15, 2011 (4 years ago)
Honda Announces Driveaway Deals On Insight, Civic Si And Civic Type R

Honda Civic Si, Civic Type R And Insight Get Driveaway Deals For Australia

Honda Australia has announced new driveaway pricing for its entry-level Civic Si hatch and top-shelf Civic Type R, al...

Aug 12, 2011 (5 years ago)
Honda Insight Launched In Australia, On Sale From December

2011 Honda Insight Australian Pricing And Specifications

A year on from its local unveiling at the Melbourne International Motor Show, Honda's Insight hybrid, a top selle...

Nov 24, 2010 (5 years ago)
Honda's New CEO Wants Speedier Hybrid Rollout, Moves F1 Engineers To Hybrid Program

Honda CEO Moves Formula One Engineers Onto Hybrid Projects, Faster Development Of Future Hybrids Planned

FOLLOWING the news that 2010 will see the launch of both the Honda CR-Z hybrid and a hybrid version of the company's po...

Jul 14, 2009 (7 years ago)
2010 Honda Insight Local Launch To Be Delayed Due To High Overseas Demand

High Overseas Demand Delays Local Launch Of Honda Insight Hybrid Til Late 2010

Thanks to booming demand in the US, Japanese and European markets, Australian motorists will have to wait until the sec...

May 13, 2009 (7 years ago)
Honda Insight Tops Japanese Sales Charts

Honda Insight Becomes First Hybrid Vehicle To Top Sales Charts

It may well be a sign of the times, but Honda would have to more than happy with the sales results of its Insight hybri...

May 12, 2009 (7 years ago)
Honda Reconsiders

Honda May Revise Anti-Plug-In Stance To Take Advantage Of US Govt Incentives

Up until now, Honda has spurned the idea of producing a plug-in hybrid because of its belief that battery technology ha...

Apr 30, 2009 (7 years ago)
Honda Insight Tops Toyota Prius In UK Sales

Honda Insight Claims Sales Victory Over Toyota Prius In First Month On Sale In UK

The battle between Honda’s new hybrid warrior, the Insight and Toyota’s established player, the Prius, is finally u...

Apr 30, 2009 (7 years ago)
2010 Prius Hybrid: 40,000 Preorders, Says Toyota

2010 Toyota Prius: Toyota Expecting 40,000 Pre-Sale Orders

According to reports coming out of Japan, Toyota is expecting 40,000 pre-sale orders for the 2010 Toyota Prius in Japan...

Apr 16, 2009 (7 years ago)
Honda Pulls Out Of Frankfurt And Announces Cut Backs In USA

Honda Europe Pulls Out Of Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda USA Announces Pay Cuts And Voluntary Redundancies

Honda has already taken a tight grip of its purse strings in recent months, in the process killing off the keenly-await...

Apr 2, 2009 (7 years ago)
Toyota To Produce Cheaper Hybrid To Target The Honda Insight

Toyota Targeting Honda Insight With Cheaper Prius Hybrid

Way back in October last year we touched on the rumour that the world's number one manufacturer was looking at selling ...

Mar 16, 2009 (7 years ago)
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