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I think all SUV should come with diesel as it is just not economical and practical to lug one at such size and weight on petrol.

I don't get why Nissan is moving away from diesel, the upcoming X-trail is also going to be petrol only.

It's not like Nissan can't make diesel engines, in fact they make a tremendously good diesel engines courtesy of Renault.

Ford needs to fast track the Ranger SUV, and Toyota needs to bring in their Asia-only Fortuner, which sells really well in Asia.

Why do you think no one cares about diesel not being available? I do!

I will be looking at the current model to go on run-out sales, they are such a good value and packaged car compared to the nearest competitor the Toyota Prado, Land Rover Discovery 4, Mitsubishi Pajero.

The diesel fuel price may be higher but it's constant throughout the week, whereas you only get cheap petrol on one day of the week and at any other day, it's on parity to diesel, if not only cheaper by $0.05. At least I do not have to waste my time lining up at Service Station trying for cheap petrol day.

Apart from good towing capability of diesel engine, it also provides long range mileage per full tank consumption. And not everyone wants an Ute open tray car as a daily, I don't want to buy tonneau cover just so I can put stuff on the tray. The Pathfinder has a wagon body which is for a totally different market.