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Not sure how much effort was actually put in when reviewing the 3rd row seating ("The third row comfortably seats two adults on short trips") but I'm 170cm and when sitting in the 3rd row my knees are already touching the back of 2nd row seats.

This was my favourite and supposedly my next choice when upgrading but not anymore for that reason. 3rd row space is important to me and for such a tank of a car there isn't a lot of 3rd row legroom.

Any speculative pricing available at all?

I am seriously holding off getting a replacement car just for this new CX-9, but I hope it doesn't turn out to be another Ford Everest pricing flop.

This can't be right, the 2016 has a complete redesign front end, rear, and roof, as well as interiors.

This definitely doesn't look like one.