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Any speculative pricing available at all?

I am seriously holding off getting a replacement car just for this new CX-9, but I hope it doesn't turn out to be another Ford Everest pricing flop.

This can't be right, the 2016 has a complete redesign front end, rear, and roof, as well as interiors.

This definitely doesn't look like one.

Very disappointed, as I see it being $10k too expensive and competing (price wise) in the wrong segment with the Prado.

The Everest is in the same segment as the Colorado 7, MU-X, R51 Pathfinder, Toyota Fortuner (not yet released in Aus). Not Prado, as Prado is a segment above this class.

And no leather options except for top Titanium model? Build an offer via their website and standard Titanium with only options being Towkit ($1000) and Metallic paint ($550) and final drive away pricing in SA is $86k?

No thank you. It's a Ford afterall.