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This can't be right, the 2016 has a complete redesign front end, rear, and roof, as well as interiors.

This definitely doesn't look like one.

Very disappointed, as I see it being $10k too expensive and competing (price wise) in the wrong segment with the Prado.

The Everest is in the same segment as the Colorado 7, MU-X, R51 Pathfinder, Toyota Fortuner (not yet released in Aus). Not Prado, as Prado is a segment above this class.

And no leather options except for top Titanium model? Build an offer via their website and standard Titanium with only options being Towkit ($1000) and Metallic paint ($550) and final drive away pricing in SA is $86k?

No thank you. It's a Ford afterall.

It is a really nice car, I think Nissan in general has been understated for a long time. In terms of value for money, you get the lot for the price of a mid-level Toyota equivalent.

Like the price of a top range Nissan (Ti or TL), will only get you a mid-range Toyota model with cloth seats rather than leather, no sunroof rather than sun/moon roof, generic double-din headunit rather than whole navigation unit, reverse-only camera rather than around view camera.

Toyota might have a very cheap capped price servicing, but Nissan has the same albiet just slight more expensive. But once the Toyota service team start adding additionals the cost starts leveling out to Nissan.

And this new X-Trail is not a bad looking car too, they've really improved on the styling and ditching the old ninch-designs to widen the appeal market.