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While I join you in applauding the technology and the determination it must have taken, I can't help feeling underwhelmed. The Getz was a truly horrible car, with a pathetic safety rating. I'd hate to crash one full of lithium-ion batteries.

Perhaps if a better donor car could be found, Mr Blade would have a much better chance of making a commercial success out of this. Government fleets generally insist on five star safety ratings these days, and a re-engined Getz is not going to deliver that.

>Renault claims its new Formula 1 Power Unit for the 2014 season has played a significant part in the twin-turbo diesel’s development

Given the teething troubles of the new F1 engine, I don't think that's a link they should be making just yet. biggrin

>, with both engines sharing a 1.6 litre capacity.

Do they share anything else?

There's been a lot of nonsense talked about a "conspiracy" against Mark. It makes no sense - it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to run an F1 team, and they're not likely to throw that away by nobbling one of their own drivers.

On the other hand, I think the run of "bad luck" may be the fault of a team which is trying much too hard for the wunderkind and perhaps taking Mark somewhat for granted. We seen persistent KERS issues, Vettel causing crashes, Vettel ignoring team orders, wing-gate etc etc. And too many times we've seen Vettel on brilliant tyre strategies while Mark's been compromised, pit stops timed badly and so on. To say nothing of Helmut Marko's mind games.

So no - there's no conspiracy, but he's certainly been treated as the number two driver.