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I admit to being a bit disappointed with the appearance of the Giulia (both the sedan and this artist's impression of the wagon). Alfa's designers set an incredibly high bar with the 159 and Brera, and it's going to be hard to match the beauty of those cars ever again.

The Chinese industry has grown at a phenomenal rate by producing poor copies of western vehicles. Now there is an opportunity to improve their quality and create ongoing employment for talented Aussies. It's not as good as having our own industry, but it's close to being a win-win situation.

Wish I could be in Melbourne to see this exhibition - sounds great.

That Hurricane was a heckuva car for its day. I see a lot of Lamborghini Miura about it, which is no bad thing. The interior isn't quite up to the same standard, though. Holden's design studio has produced some excellent work over the years, with the new Buick Avenir concept being absolutely world class.