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Wish I could be in Melbourne to see this exhibition - sounds great.

That Hurricane was a heckuva car for its day. I see a lot of Lamborghini Miura about it, which is no bad thing. The interior isn't quite up to the same standard, though. Holden's design studio has produced some excellent work over the years, with the new Buick Avenir concept being absolutely world class.

Looks like Mercedes have beaten BMW yet again - this time for the most bloated coupé award. biggrin The association with a dinosaur movie seems somehow appropriate.

Yes, let's get some common sense into the regulations. Here in Perth, there's a heck of a lot of filtering goes on during the morning and evening peaks on the Mitchell Fwy. Over the years I've seen three bikes knocked down doing this, plus a lot of near misses (including one I was involved in where I just didn't see the bike when changing lanes).

I would much prefer to see the emergency lanes opened for motorcycles and discourage filtering along the lane lines - I think that would be lot safer for everybody. Some stretches of the emergency lanes would need to be resurfaced though - they're pretty rough.