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Big mistake, I think. The recently defunct Maybach was intended to win customers from Bentley and Rolls Royce and was a dismal failure. The name carried cachet in the 1930s but no longer. On the other hand, the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman will be all the car a plutocrat or autocrat could possibly desire. And despite the cheapening of the brand at the bottom end, I think there will still be a market for the big Benz.

While I join you in applauding the technology and the determination it must have taken, I can't help feeling underwhelmed. The Getz was a truly horrible car, with a pathetic safety rating. I'd hate to crash one full of lithium-ion batteries.

Perhaps if a better donor car could be found, Mr Blade would have a much better chance of making a commercial success out of this. Government fleets generally insist on five star safety ratings these days, and a re-engined Getz is not going to deliver that.

>Renault claims its new Formula 1 Power Unit for the 2014 season has played a significant part in the twin-turbo diesel’s development

Given the teething troubles of the new F1 engine, I don't think that's a link they should be making just yet. biggrin

>, with both engines sharing a 1.6 litre capacity.

Do they share anything else?