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It doesn't really matter how they got grubby - I suspect the TX vehicles would be a lot easier to clean up (and keep clean) because of the amount of space in the back. The same space makes the TX a more pleasant (less claustrophobic) environment to travel in. Ride comfort is fine. As to safety, I can't really comment - so far I haven't seen one crashed. But I think the days of referring to Chinese products as dodgy are fast drawing to a close.

Much prefer these to the grubby old Falcons which make up the bulk of the taxi fleet in Perth. The TX is more comfortable with much more legroom, has free wifi, and can accommodate disabled passengers easily.

The operating company is also offering levels of service unmatched by the Swan monopoly - eg a real person answers the phone, and the driver sends you a text when about 5 minutes away. With Swan it's a matter of "the taxi will get there sooner or later, if it actually turns up".

One for the limo companies, perhaps.