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I'd rather not go into the issues of the side-effects of producing and disposing these electric drivetrains and batteries... Diesel smog? A lot of the world still depends on coal and other non-sustainable sources of energy.

This looks sharp though. The rear 3/4 view reminds me of a sharpened S60 somewhat. Carryover engines and bloat do disappoint. (Typical Jap here..)

Lexus already has the ES and GS - why not keep the IS compact? Looks like they want three models to eat itself over. Lexus sales here in the US are quite disappointing.

Either side of the 520i and 528i, really?

Lexus simply increased the IS250's output by 1KW to call it "upgraded" (it's probably just a converting error or slight miscalculation).

Fuel economy worse, performance worse, looks worse, and you're driving around with a big LOSER sign on the nose. Who'd want this junk?

Coming from a MY10 Fiesta, have to say my experience hasn't been as positive as I'd like.

The car performs quite superbly for a little car its size. Been upset by constant breakdowns, for example our ignition has jammed twice and the USB port caused a total system jam which needed full replacement. Our dealer's service has been less than remarkable too - staining my seats and mats with oil (or some other dirty substance) - their coffee machines don't even work!

Love the look of the Focus and how well it seems to impress - though my satisfaction with a BRAND NEW Ford has been less than astonishing.

Praying every night for a miracle for Saab though, or an introduction of Opel (to New Zealand). 9-3 or Astra GTC baby, bring it on! smile