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Lay off the million smilies will you mate. One is fine.

Can't make that comparison at this point, unfortunately, as both cars haven't been on the market long enough. From TMR, only Kez has driven the Golf R so far, and only Tony and Ian have driven the WRX STI.

We'll be able to make a better comparison over the coming weeks though, as we've got both cars booked in for proper week-long tests.

I've had a chat with Subaru's PR boss.

The 5.2 time is one listed by FHI internationally, while the 4.9 time is Subaru Australia's own consistently achieved time.

Why FHI couldn't also achieve and list a 4.9 second run (or close) is unclear, but Subaru Aus says it will list both times (they're going to update the website, the 4.9 was left out accidentally) and "let the buyer decide".
Hope that helps. Tell yer mates that TMR rawks. - Mike.