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None of the proper Skyactiv engines as sold in Japan are available in Australia! The underwhelming Thai 1.5 engine is not sold in Japan.

If you compare the fuel consumption to even the Mazda 3 it's not that great, even though greatly improved. The base 2.0 Mazda 3 returns 5.8l/100km average, and the base Mazda 2 returns 5.4l/100km. I can't see much Skyactive tech there at all - it should be around 4.6l/100km. These engines are not sold in Japan, there a serious Skyactive petrol and diesel are marketed. Mazda Australia has chosen the low spec South East Asian models over the Japanese models to fatten their profit margin. dry

Wrong matey, I'm comparing the Australian marketed Mazda 3 to the Australian marketed Mazda 2 which adhere to the identical testing. In Japan a proper Skyactiv 1.3 petrol and a 1.5 diesel are sold. There is "NO" 1.5 engine sold in Japan at all! We are given the cheap and low spec South East Asian model.