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I love the pic with the owners manual pack in the passenger door pocket. Mine live in a cupboard considering the glovebox is too narrow to even fit it..... I know it's a cost cutting thing when building RHD models, but when something ends up almost useless, something should be done to fix it. And the cup holders.... They annoy me but I either buy cans and use the removeable can holder, or take it for bottlesv(and put it on the floor behind the driver seat). They ceratinly aren't CUP holders. But they're the compromises you accept with French cars!!

I have 1 and will say that after initially sitting in it didn't like it. The speedo had tiny increments but the moment it was started and the digital speedo in the centre came to life I was interested. After the test drive I bought it!!! The wheel and instrument panel work a treat. Just try it

The fiat squircle certainly features