Comments by mg81

I'm sure Nissan are laughing that they've sold more than 100,000 of them every year in Europe alone since 2011.

Seems like there's a bit of a gap between the 328 and the 335 now... a 325d or 330d would slot in there nicely

Would much prefer this over the ridiculously oversized X5. Very impressed with the new look... and if other BMW diesels are anything to go by this engine must be a pearler!

Gotta love how you can only buy a certain car because you can't afford the model above.... yet somehow you're still a snob just because it's a BMW. Never mind the fact that they have pretty much crap on the competition for handling, economy and performance in any size you like.

Good move seperating one of the most boring hatchbacks out there from one of the sweetest coupes.

Lame... that may as well have called the BMW 2.0 range

How does the engine compare to the 2 litre twin turbo diesel in the 1 series??

Add $30k for onroads, tax and options

Must be why almost every brand out there is bring out a compact suv...

How awesome... if you have too much money and no class...

I guess that's why they got Victoria Beckham to be their creative design executive

The chavs and bogans have a new leader to worship