Comments by Kale

That's how speed limits started - a guide not the absolute maximum. I have driven over 40 years now (and I enjoy driving) and have always treated speed limits as a guide meaning that I concentrate on my environment, will accelerate if I have to (past the posted speed limit) to get to a clear piece of road where I can slow down again and drive in relative safety away front trucks, buses and vans.
I think most people drive sensibly, nobody wants to die. However, most people are not skilled drivers - myself included - but improvements in road assets and car technology compensates for that.
On open road, I think we should learn to keep left, not let trucks and buses overtake on hills, mind our own business (not accelerate when being passes) and increase the speed limit to 120kmh (that will keep us away from slow traffic and stop tailgating by trucks and others). I also agree with the general sentiment of other comments

I currently drive 135 coupe. Have driven the new 335i. I agree with this review. Note however, you can option sport seats, that would address the "flat seats" issue. Another great performance car.

FWIW I had a Z4 for 6 years since new. No trouble. I also had a 325Ci for 7 years since new (concurrently some of the time), also no issues. Also had an A3 Sportsback, Quattro, 2.0T - for three years, no issues.

I have actually. Back in 1996 I bought a 4 year old 735i from Trivetts in Parramatta. I paid $50K, kept if for 2 years and the only cost were couple services and a set of tyres. Traded it in for a brand new 318is sedan, manual. Got $30K trade in for the 7. There you go.
I think we tend to hear bad stories more often. The good and the boring does not seem to be mentioned much. Also, I am sure some people do have bad experience, but sometimes this could be self inflicted.

Oh yes, I forgot the mufflers and the sound under heavy acceleration and about suspension and steering.

The mufflers - they cannot be serious. Form should follow function.
The sound - artificial.
The suspension - not bad actually. In Sports + mode, quite good in corners but transmits a fair bit of tyre rumble into the cabin.
Steering - too light. The steering wheel could be smaller and thicker.
The paddles - not necessary, the car changes gears when it wants to.

Took one for test drive on Monday. Sports Luxury 350. The LCD screen is busy with too much information. Graphics are not subtle. The round wheel for suspension setting - overdone. The "mouse" to operate the LCD screen, probably unsafe, in any case not intuitive.

The car drives OK but is not a patch on a 535i. The Japanese still don't get it, but they are getting closer. Would I buy it? No. Why not: I would rather buy a 4 year old 540i or an E500 (similar money) and drive a car that was designed by people that have cars in their genes.

Having said that, all our cars are too expensive when compared to the US, but not when compared to EEU.

"Speed kills"! Well, it depends how you define "speed". If you define it as "driving in excess of posted speed limit"; then no, it does not. If you define it as driving too fast for conditions, or too fast for your driving ability or too fast for the car you are driving - then most definitely yes!

How about Mr Government give me better roads (dual carriageways and fencing off major highways would be a good start), more sensible regulations and helpful enforcement. I might yet live to old age! Cheers.

And they call this "research"? Where was the control group i.e. same number of drivers, driving same cars in same areas with NO restrictions.

MotorMouth is spot on. When they "nab a speeding motorist" what they mean is they got somebody driving above the posted speed limit, but not necessarily driving unsafely.

Here is an idea, well a few actually:

1. Open road speed limit $130kmh on freeways, 120kmh on other roads
2. Divided lines on country roads "MERGE LEFT" making the right line an overtaking lane
3. Do not allow trucks to overtake up hill
4. Change law to allow slow vehicles to pull left to let faster traffic pass legally (and safely)
5. Enforce "do not overtake on the left" rule so that the right lane hogging morons learn to keep left and out of the way
6. Keep left on divided roads so change that stupid sign "Slow Vehicles Lane Ahead" to "Keep Left", hopefully this will allow faster traffic to move more freely in the right lane, then move to the left
7. Allow left turn on traffic lights any time with care, without exception, no need for sign to say that then

I could go on, and I am sure other people have some suggestions as well.

Somebody should send his study to our brain surgeons at the RTA in Sydney, the minister of transport and his cohorts in the cop shop!