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It's F1, let them do whatever they want. Any rules restricting vehicle design should be for driver "safety" only. With that said, "safety" is something that the drivers should have thought about before becoming race car drivers for a living and the millions of dollars is hazzard pay.

How about a Ban on old drivers?, young drivers?, drivers with more than 1 fender bender? drivers that like rock music? driving in the rain? speed limit at 50 km?.......people are going to die on the road, that's how it goes. Risk is a part of life.

People go to dinner and have 2 drinks, drive home and don't kill anyone. The figure of .15 BAC resulting in 22 times more likely to be in an accident is true, but what would the results of comparing .05 to .02? I'm guessing very low.

I may need to trade in my clio sport for one of these. Anything under 40k AUD will be a steal!