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Honestly a number of useless cars from the Mini range should be killed off instantly.

These Mini "sub-models" were simply built to cash-in on the brand and I also think only giving a bad reputation to the Mini heritage.

Namely the new 5-door, the Countryman, "backward looking baseball cap" Coupe and a few others.

This Superleggera and the Rocketman Concept ( as long as they reduce the diameter of the concept's tires ) would be a good shoe-in for Mini/BMW.

Still one of the most genuine affordable and proper SUV you can actually take off-road and still have a blast driving on asphalt.

What a stunning stunning car! This is even better looking and proportioned than previous hypercar SLS.

I believe organic is the perfect word about that look.

And the interior is so sumptuous, way better in design and execution than Audi I think.