5 valve per cylinder

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May have a few shared Mercedes Benz switches but the entire look of the cabin is quite a mess honestly. A lot of the shapes just don't mix and match, like they were sort of tacked-on for necessity sake.

At least it's not as ugly as Mirai hydrogen concept. Just wish Toyota didn't have to place the badge that way.. a snout. Excluding that snout the front is quite decent but offbeat. The rear it's more of a love/hate thing going with the tail light treatment.
Also I think Toyota should have copied the BMW i3 on the wheels by offering a large diameter wheel ( 18" base model and 20" premium ) with narrow width.

Toy..err car has a very positive distinctive look., you'd definitely not mistake this for any other car than a Volvo.
Do hope Volvo builds the Concept Estate shooting brake version along with the proper 5-dr. station wagon format.