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Well Ive read all about it. Still Id get it. When I got the wife a 2007 Patrol ST 3.0 turbo we had read the reports.
We have done just under 100,000klms and the car is brilliant.
We travel with 4 kids on long trips and the car gets us there, nice and fresh.
Love playing with the "Better" toyotas and Mitsubishi etc along the road. Pass em on the blacktop and the dirt.
We use 10ltrs per 100klms average.
The cars is great on the real tough stuff.
Its the only real 4x4 with the right engine size combination. 3.0ltr is good on fuel and has enough power.
I like the light and proven steering, racks are not as good in ruts and rough.
We will buy a new one, thats if we dont win the one that Pat Callan is giving away.
Happy New Year!