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Buddy, with all due respect: check your spellings before post. Your opinion might be discredited instantly because of that.

Please, a manual version, please...

Hey bro, heard your opinion and respect it.

I don't like trucks, buses and trams either. BUT, these vehicles are necessary for the economy and our daily life. In other words, they're contributing to the society and very important to us. I personally rely on them to deliver my grocery and get me to work.

As for people driving full size 4WD around our suburbia? Well I believe they play a big part in causing congestion, pollution, and more danger to other road users.

In addition, hypedUP, I think you got me wrong. I do not dislike large cars. I travel through regional areas almost on weekly basis (being a passionate bushwalker), and I have absolutely no problem seeing 4WDs out there, because they belong to the countryside.