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What is the TMR HUB?

Creating a user account with The TMR HUB allows you to comment on articles and reviews, giving you the opportunity to discuss the latest news and reviews with other readers.

The TMR HUB is not your only way to take part in discussions - you can also log in through the integrated Facebook and OpenID features, if you already have an account with one of those services.

However, Joining the HUB gives you the opportunity to create (and edit) a 'screen name' unique to your HUB account.

You can also upload a user photo that will appear next to your screen name when you leave a comment, and on your HUB profile page - where you can also add a little information about yourself, and links to your website, Facebook profile and Twitter page.

What does it look like?

For a preview of the features available with a TMR HUB profile, click the thumbnails below.

Publicly-visible profile page

Visitors to your profile can see your most recent comments, along with whichever other options you choose to make available, including a personal website address, or links to your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Control Panel for your profile

By clicking the 'edit' button next to your screen name, you can edit the details that appear in your publicly-viewable TMR HUB profile.

You can also change your screen name, your email address and your password here.

The range of features available to HUB users will grow over time, so register now and secure your favourite screen name before another reader snaps it up.