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  • Infiniti M35h, Lexus GS 450h and BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Comparison Test

    Luxury Hybrid Comparison Test Variants Reviewed Model Power (combined) Fuel Use (listed) Fuel Use (tested) BMW Acti...


    POSTED FRI, 8 MAR, 2013

  • Lexus CT 200h Long Term Test: Chapter Four

    LEXUS CT 200H REVIEW I didn’t ‘get’ the CT 200h when I first drove it, and certainly didn’t warm to it quickly. The opposite. I couldn’t get past the feeling it was d...


    POSTED WED, 4 JAN, 2012

  • Hybrid Highway Battle: Lexus CT 200h vs Honda Insight

    HONDA INSIGHT vs LEXUS CT 200h REVIEW It’s a question that has hung around since the first-generation Prius arrived in showrooms in 1997 - do hybrids have a fuel-efficiency advantage on the...


    POSTED MON, 19 DEC, 2011

  • Lexus CT 200h Long Term Test: Chapter Three

    LEXUS CT 200H REVIEW: THE BOOT Cargo capacity (seats up): 375 litre Cargo capactiy (seats flat): 985 litres One of the downsides of petrol-electric hybrid design is that there’s typica...


    POSTED WED, 23 NOV, 2011

  • Lexus CT 200h F Sport Long Term Test: Chapter Two

    LEXUS CT 200H REVIEW TMR’s long-term Lexus CT 200h F Sport arrived at just the right time: right on the nose for a holiday break. So, what better to do than mount up for the quintessential A...


    POSTED TUE, 4 OCT, 2011



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