Mike Stevens | Oct 9, 2008

In its usual Motor Show tradition of bringing out something undisclosed, and often unexpected (although not so much this time), Holden has brought the production version of the Chevrolet Volt to the 2008 Australian International Motor Show.

The truly unexpected aspect here though is that, looking back, Holden has almost always offered a V8 muscle car as its secret unveiling. This year, it's a hybrid. How times have changed.

While not as stunning as the Volt concept unveiled some time ago, the production Volt is certainly a stunning car and probably quite easily the most attractive consumer hybrid yet unveiled.

There is still plenty of doubt both in the industry and from the media, as well as expressed by various experts in the field, as to whether GM can pull the Volt project off. If successful, the Volt could signal a new dawn for the hybrid movement, and perhaps offer a sign of the impending end of the internal combustion engine. But then again, maybe not.

We've covered the Volt in numerous posts before, but these two will give you the best load of information for all your Volt needs. Click through for some photos of the car from today.

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