Steane Klose | Oct 6, 2008

With around half an hour to go before episode two of Top Gear Australia screens on SBS, it is perhaps worth reflecting on the aftermath of last week's inaugural episode. SBS has hailed it a success, with episode one attracting more viewers than Australian Idol. I guess that was to be expected given the profile of the Top Gear franchise, but surely the acid test will be how many viewers episode eight attracts?

However, despite SBS's spin doctoring, the overwhelming consensus as expressed in the comments of last week's article Top Gear Australia First Episode Done and Dusted, would suggest that many were disappointed. The 'fake' shark scene didn't cut the mustard, it was hard to understand how the 'softroaders' were expected to grip icey roads on standard tyres - and the hosts copped more than their fair share of criticism. A few even called for SBS to put an early end to it all.

Episode two will feature a Holden v Ford shootout, and a right-hand drive Ford GT. Steve Bisley will be the star in a reasonably-priced car.

So, when it's done and dusted for a second time, drop in and let us know what you think. Was it better than episode one? Is there some chemistry developing between the hosts? Will you be tuning in for episode three?

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