Tony O'Kane | Oct 3, 2008

We've already told you all you need to know about Mini's Crossover Concept, but here's a few pictures showing the real deal strutting its stuff at its Paris Motor Show reveal.

And by strutting its stuff, we actually mean just sitting still while a trio of trendy-looking types sit in it as a fourth hipster floats above the car Nikki Webster style.

Min_CrossoverConcept_02 Now we all know Mini prides itself on being the 'kookiest kat' in the car-making biz, but what kind of message were they trying to send about the Crossover Concept? Is it so ill-suited to off-tarmac adventures that being a static piece of furniture is its primary function; or was it merely a direct appeal to fashion-savvy twenty-something males with the power to defy Earth's gravitational pull? We don't know, nor do we know if the Crossover will ever find its way into Mini showrooms.

It may eventually do the latter, however, as the rather refined finish of the concept suggests that Mini has invested a lot of time and money in getting the Crossover to this stage, and that it may try to branch out into the light-duty crossover segment to try and snare new car buyers downsizing from full-sized 4WDs. Such a notion would surely have Alec Issigonis turning in his grave, but hey, them's market forces for you. We'll keep you posted.

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