Top Gear Australia’s Take On The Toorak Tractor

Mike Stevens | Oct 3, 2008

Those of us not living in the state of Victoria (Australia, of course) probably have no idea what a Toorak Tractor is. But just think of whichever suburb on the fringe of the inner city hosts the most moneyed-up SUV drivers (who’ve never seen a dirt road in their lives), and you’ll get the general idea. Here in Melbourne, that suburb is Toorak, and such an SUV is known as a Toorak Tractor.

To bring us their own spin on the Toorak Tractor, the boys from Top Gear Australia took an actual tractor out on to the streets of Toorak and neighbouring South Yarra. Bloody clowns… but you’ve gotta love it! In their defence, the tractor they were driving is worth a bit more than most of those owned by the honking angry drivers crawling along behind Pizzati and Brown (the tractor in question coming in at around $200,000).

Look for it in an upcoming episode of Top Gear Australia.

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  • snakeskin says,
    7 years ago
    Wow, I never realised Charlie's head was so big!

  • Mark Bedford says,
    7 years ago
    No way I was JUST about to login and leave the exact same comment smile
  • nick says,
    7 years ago
    top gear or the chasers war on everything?