Tony O'Kane | Sep 30, 2008

It seems de rigueur these days for supercar manufacturers to develop their own four-door models. We've got Porsche with its Panamera, Aston Martin's upcoming Rapide and Lamborghini's Estoque/Urus, as well as rumours of an impending Bugatti sedan. However, one manufacturer that still refuses to leap aboard the supersedan bandwagon is Ferrari.

The very notion of a four-door Fazza continues to be abhorrent to both fans of the marque and the top brass within the Italian automaker, so don't count on seeing a family-hauling model from the house of the Prancing Horse just yet. However, for those who are merely interested in what such a contraption may look like, have come to the rescue with their renderings of a front-engined Ferrari saloon.


Dreamed up by artist Krasnov Igor, the very convincing renderings depict a reasonably spacious (by Ferrari standards, anyway) and thoroughly modern-looking four-seater sedan, with heavy influences from Ferrari's own 599 GTB and California.

Sharp creases are the dominant element in the design of the un-named sedan, and while some features like the blacked-out roof and featureless posterior aren't immediately appealing, the rest of the package (including that suggestive bonnet bulge) is eminently attractive and in keeping with Ferrari's current design philosophy.


So, while the purists may moan and groan about sedans diluting the sporting purity of the blah blah blah, it's good to see that in Ferrari's case at least, doubling the number of doors doesn't mean the end result will be half as pretty. Kudos.


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