International Kills CXT, MXT And RXT 'Consumer Trucks'

Tim O'Brien | Sep 28, 2008

Have a look at the image above and ask yourself "Why?" (Who would build such a thing... who would buy it?)

US automotive site Kicking Tires has reported that the International Truck Group has buckled under the triple-whammy of the petrol price shock, a knackered banking system, and a severely knackered US economy, and killed off its XT 'Consumer Truck' line.

("About time somebody lined up all those dandy smart-ass Wall Street bankers for the mother of all hoss-whippin's boy")

You might be wondering who in fact would want something as daft as International's CXT. MXT and RXT 'Consumer Trucks', but, before things turned pear-shaped, our seppo cousins were happy to fork out USD$90-large for these tonka-toy-styled 'mini-me' prime-movers. Mini...?

No, they're freakin' huge. (There is another range of adjectives like "dumb-arse", "abominable" and "crap-tastic" that also aren't too wide of the mark.)

"These trucks were always seen as niche products," International spokesman Jon Harmon said. Go on... there's a surprise.


As Kicking Tires reports, International was on a roll building and selling these gargantuan atrocities to "the common man": those whose automotive ambition was to "park a nearly semi-sized International in their McMansion driveway". That was then, this is now.

With the wheels of the US economy having fallen completely off the cart and rolled away into a dark and very deep hole, sales of these dinosaurs have all but dried up. So, discretion being the better part of valour, International has killed them dead as a buzzard.

(You have to wonder who was buying these things... the Griswald's? Triple-H, John Cena, the Sgt. Slaughter fan club and other noted good ol' boys and intellectuals?)

I somehow can't see International ever offering anything like these dinosaurs in a hybrid.

Apparently, International is now focusing on its larger truck business like the Lonestar semi and military versions of the XT trucks. There's a relief.

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  • TN says,
    6 years ago
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    These trucks are AMAZING
  • MKE WALLEY says,
    6 years ago
    I drew these trucks in 1982 & always had a dream of making one with a 1970 chevy cab, but I love these trucks with the step side . And if anyone wants to give me one I,am ready .
  • Karen says,
    5 years ago
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    I think that these vehicles are great for pulling horse trailers, dozers, mini excavators, etc. without having to buy a larger truck
  • Joshua Cinzio says,
    1 year ago
    Tim O'Brien really needs to pull his head in ad stop being such a knob.

    Sure , not everyone is going to love or buy these trucks, but they do have their place, and indeed their market in our society today.

    The Motor Report is meant to report on Automotive news/issues, not judge based on one mans narrow- minded opinion.

    Maybe this man-child should go drive his "dumb-***", "abominable" and "crap-tastic" Prius over to his new desk at Vanity Fair Magazine.