Mike Stevens | Sep 26, 2008

A few weeks ago we reviewed the video racing game RaceDriver GRID, and offered up the opportunity to win a copy of the game for the PlayStation 3. We had two copies to give away, and the deal was simple: Come up with your own acronym for “GRID”. No great challenge there, right? The deluge of emails we received seemed to suggest that!

After much consternation at the TMR office, we’ve arrived at what we reckon are the best of the crop.

Congratulations to Daniel for his entry “Guard Rails Injure Drifters”, and to Mark for the slightly oddball “Get Real Insane Driving”!

Fellas, expect an email from us in the next day or so asking for your mailing addresses.

Thank you for all the entries, folks! It was a tough call deciding the winners, but it was a good laugh seeing some of the clever suggestions that came through.

Stay tuned for our next, much bigger contest.

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